tokyo bay and lucky timing

A while back I reviewed the Olympus OMD EM-5 digital.  It still surprises me with its portability to IQ ratio.  The OMD is easier to carry around than my Nikon FM3A.  These photos where taken with the Olympus 17mm 1.8. lens.   The lens is a 35mm full frame equivalent and produces great results.  The first was taken during a very nice business dinner cruise in Tokyo Bay.  The 2nd was a lucky capture through my hotel window.  I just happened to wake up at the right time and the scene only lasted about 10 minutes.  I used a trashcan on top of a chair as a my tripod.

Mamiya 645 pro tl – first impressions

Mamiya 645

Mamiya 645– (shot with Canon 6D)

I recently purchased a Mamiya 645 pro tl and wanted to offer some initial impressions.  I will add a review after I have a more experience with it.

Why the Mamiya 645:
First, I own a Mamiya RZ67- and I love it for what it is- and feel it provides extreme value in the medium format film arena.  I am always amazed at the quality, beauty and fine grain deliciousness that comes with the relatively large negatives.  For those that don’t know the RZ shoots at 6 by 9 cm and you net 10 shots on a standard 120 roll of film.  In comparison the Mamiya 645 (and other 645 models) shoot 6 by 4.5 cm on the negative and you net ~15 shots per standard roll of 120 film.  In the digital world everyone compares camera sensors to the “full frame” 35mm.  The medium format negative is ~2-4X larger than “full frame”.

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map camera – Tokyo Japan



Early this year I took a business trip to Tokyo Japan.  Before I left, I researched where to shop for used film gear.

I found multiple references to MAP camera in the Shinjuku district and luckily I was able to carve out some time to visit.  My experience at MAP was all positive.  I ended up purchasing a Canon 1V and a Nikon AIS 35mm F1.4.  If you don’t have the time to read on please know that MAP is very much worth a visit if you find yourself in Tokyo.

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to the top

I wonder how high up this elevator goes!  I took this in at a Tokyo subway station on a recent business trip.  The trip was productive and I was able to spend a few hours taking in some very interesting camera stores.  Will post more on the trip later.

21070029Shot with: Canon 1V
Nikon AIS 35MM F1.4
Portra 800

dry pavement

I’ve discussed the aspect of delayed gratification and film before.  For reasons that range from lack of time, other priorities and budget, spent film doesn’t always get processed quickly.  I just received 9 rolls back from NCPS and I’ve recently developed some B&W film shot late last summer.  The interesting thing is that taking in the images so far after the fact, makes me appreciate the moments I had when I took them.  This picture makes me long for 90 degree days and free time to ride.


Nikon F6
Arista Premium 400
Developed in D-76 1:1